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Welcome to The Wild Ones, a quarterly queer literary magazine, focused on the community and self-representation. As a magazine, our goal is to provide an outlet for and showcase LGBTQIA voices through their works and passions.


We plan to debut our first issue in January 2015. We hope to publish 4 - 5 short stories, 15- 20 pages of poetry, and 2 - 3 non-fiction pieces in our inaugural issue. The Wild Ones will be available for purchase as a PDF download either with a yearly subscription or as individual issues  (current and back issues).


Our blog is the place for interviews, lists, articles (submitted and repeating features) about queer writing, queer books, writing and reading while queer, and other cool stuff.


Want to learn more about us as editors and our editorial mission? Read about us here, and read our discussion of our editorial goals here.




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